Our Members



Renee DeLosh

I graduated from Sandy Creek Central School and currently have two sons serving in the military. My oldest son is in the Airforce, and my youngest son is in the Navy.

I felt it important to bring awareness to the community and to honor the many local men and women whom have served or are currently serving in the military. I am proud to be a member of a great group of women that made this vision a reality.


Shylo Larue

I grew up locally, half of the time. My parents were divorced and both remarried to absolutely wonderful people that I get to call my step parents. My Dad and stepmom have always lived in Sandy Creek and my Mom and stepdad lived in Parish.

I graduated from APW, and moved back to Sandy Creek after completion. I have a 15 year old son who attends SCCS district. In my spare time, you can find me in my craft room making lots of different products.

I am a stepmother to a wonderful son who serves in the Airforce/Air National Guard. Although I came into his life when he was 15, I have had the pleasure watching him grow into a fine young man, that loves serving our country. The passion he has about doing so, amazes me. My grandfather served in the United States Army during WWII. Thank you to everyone, past and present that serve(d).

I am proud to be a part of a group of moms that honors and supports our heroes. We support each other in so many different ways by leaning on one another for emotional support, have fun when things are getting a little tough for one another, talk about our children and how they are all doing while serving and being away.

We have all become such great friends and it is very heartwarming knowing that we can all lean on one another for any sort of support needed.


Jessica Balcom

I grew up in Lacona and went to Sandy Creek Central School. I still currently live in Lacona with my family. My husband and I have raised our 4 children here. I felt it important that my kids grew up in the same small town as I did. We have a 24 year old son who is a diesel technician, a 20 year old son who is currently serving in the United States Army, our daughter who is 14 and youngest son is 12.

I am so proud, honored and humbled to be apart of this great group that has brought this amazing project to our hometown! The joy it brings driving through and seeing all of the Hometown Hero Banners honoring our military men and women past and present! Thank you all for your continued support!


Heidi Metott

Upon graduation from Sandy Creek CSD I left for college a young girl with big dreams; I was never coming back. After having lived in many large cities I have found an appreciation for this area with its beauty and small-town charm. Twenty years later I came home with a desire to raise my own family here and serve this community.

As a child my parents traveled with me a lot, they made sure I saw most of this country and I loved it. My husband and I have done the same for our children, we took trips whenever we could, we explored areas in our state when we couldn’t travel far, and we made sure to make every trip an educational one. We have always tried to get at least one museum, one battlefield, or one history lesson in with each trip. I believe because of this we have raised travelers and our children understand history and the sacrifices that have been made in this country, many by the military. We have also proudly raised two Air Force Airman.

I am proud and honored to be a member of this group. It’s hard work, we are all strong women; we’ve all raised heroes. We’ve been through bootcamp, deployments, moves, and more stresses than I care to think about together, but we have done it together. When it feels like the rest of the world doesn’t understand why we clutch our phones, take calls at inappropriate times, cry over the national anthem and want to hug every military member we see,I take solace in the fact the other members of this group understand. What started as a project to keep us busy has developed into a lifeline of support. I love the fact that this community has wholeheartedly joined us in our efforts to make a positive impact on the streets of the villages. Our military members deserve the recognition, it’s such a feeling of pride to see so many local people who have served this country.


Cheryl A. Blount

I have lived in Lacona N,Y since 1973, and have been married for 39 years to my high school sweetheart. I am a mother of 3 beautiful Daughters who are also married and are raising their families here in Lacona, N.Y. I am also a proud Grandmother of 11 Grand children. My hobbies are my family, walking, camping, reading and my 2 cats.

I am currently President of the Lacona V.F.W where I plan all Party functions, Bar Tend. The VFW is part of who I am and I love to help and give back to my community. I try to volunteer for our local Food Pantry, and The homeless Animal shelter in my community. I enjoy helping out and meeting new people.

My husband Enlisted in The US Navy, and was stationed on The Dwight D, Eisenhower for 3 years in Norfolk VA. Jim served during the Afghan war and received a Navy Expeditionary Medal. Jim continued his enlistment in the Navy Reserves where he served 19 years and retired in May 2005. My Father was also in the Navy where he spent 3 years serving and was in the Korean war.

I am so honored to be apart of The Military Moms. This club has brightened up our community with our Home town Hero Banners to honor Our Military Men and Woman in our town.

I may not have a child in the service but I lived the Military life for 22 years with my husband and Children so I can understand how hard the separation of your child can be to a parent. We are a close group that is always willing to lend a hand or an ear to listen when one of us are feeling lonely or down, supporting one another is so important to us.